A little bit about me

I would love to say I’ve been painting all my life, but before October 2000 the only painting I did involved gloss, emulsion and mess, fortunately I’ve ditched the gloss and emulsion and replaced them with Acrylics and come to realise I’m just genetically predisposed to making a mess.

Within two years of starting painting I joined Solomon & Whitehead as a signature artist alongside some famous names including amongst others, David Shepherd OBE and Beryl Cooke OBE to name just a couple. Sadly my period with Solomon and Whitehead as a motorsport artist would only last around 4 years when the company was dissolved and a housing estate was built on the site. With the internet in it’s early stages, no Facebook, no Instagram, I gave up my dream and went back to the real world.

in 2018 I dusted my brushes and paints down and decided to give it another go. I still have the patience I had back then and I can still put 200+ hours in to a piece if need be and at the end of the day as long as someone gets a bit of enjoyment from what I do, I’m happy.